Gratitude and Wellness

Although Thanksgiving is usually the time to reflect on what we are grateful for, I’d like to start the beginning of this new year to get into gratitude. It’s something that I practice daily, usually as soon as I wake up and I can vouch for the positive state and feelings it leaves me with to begin each day. I usually…

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Weekend Tunes

Here is a quick playlist of good tunes to get you in the right vibes this weekend. Good music is like good food for the soul. Enjoy it and let me know if you like it! <3        

Coumba…a Vegetarian?!!

When people find out that I’m a vegetarian, they usually ask me why and how I became one. In this post, I will share my journey with you. Four years ago, on January 2 2013, I decided to become a vegetarian. This was after eating meat and chicken my entire life while enjoying it throughout! At 24 years old, I consciously decided to stop eating…

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Simple Spelt Pizza Dough Recipe (Vegan)

Who doesn’t love pizza?! I’ve always had a thing for good pizza, with a good sauce, a thin bubbly crust, and balanced toppings. I’m not a huge fan of the American pizza model with the thick crust, canned sauce, tons of cheese and toppings. I find it excessive and my conscience cannot let me enjoy it in peace knowing how greasy…

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Deliciously Simple Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce

I have an obsessive habit. Every time I dine out and experience a delightful meal that I know I can’t afford to eat out all the time (champagne taste beer budget syndrome), I make it my mission to find a way to make it at home, so I can have it whenever I desire. My process usually involves me finding different…

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